Femdom image online is false

While doing some internet searching on the topic of Femdom, it became very clear that the image portrayed is completely false. Most if not all information, video’s, and pictures depict a woman dressed in a dominatrix leather outfit doing something to a male slave/sub.

Right off the bat, these images bring the male to believe he will be serviced while getting his kink on.

This is completely wrong and untrue for real Femdom. Femdom is about a male servicing, providing for, and pleasing a woman. All of the work is done by the male. Regarding sex, if he is allowed to cum, its her decision. When ever she wants intimacy or raw sexual pleasure and orgasms, that too is completely her decision.

In true Femdom, he gives up all power to her. This is probably why you do not hear about to many femdom marriages, it is not only about sex.

In my relationship, my husband does most of the cleaning, shopping, cooking, clothes washing, ironing, and works a full time job. He is also an active father and grandfather. Personally and sexually he does my feet often, I love my heels done with a stone, he keeps me shaved or cleaned up down there, massage’s, oral sex on demand on both holes, drinks my pee, and when I feel like it he makes love to me.

He is a normal man, anyone would say an alpha male. He loves doing all the above for me and my friends when I tell him to.

All my girlfriends know of our relationship, I used to try to hide it but as we matured in the lifestyle I became outspoken and a woman’s advocate for Femdom marriages.

Do you think you could be man enough to provide service like this to your woman? The reality is you may not cum for a month or more but each day you service your wife and all the work needed to take care of the domestic chores of a household?

Please reply and lets start a discussion both husbands and wife’s here!

Do you just want to experiment in femdom?

Kiss me! Suck me!

I got an idea this morning I really never put much thought into, until now. I was chatting via email to one of my long time followers from my old blog and now this new one.

This idea is, I would like you to comment or email about if you are in a femdom relationship or do you desire or have questions about engaging in one? Have you approached you Wife and talked to her about it?

What are your femdom/ FLR desires or fantasies? I ask because everyone I think has a different idea of what this is, please elaborate.

A starting point in many is foot worship. We still practice this as much now as in the beginning. It’s not sexual but sure does turn on my husband, he can not hide his hard on!


An old email from 2019

Comment: Hello wonderful woman

I just found your blog and I am so happy. I have been struggling quite a bit in my relationship lately. Feeling disconnected and under stimulated and last week I felt like I finally saw the light. Suddenly it was like the fog lifted and I realized that my husband has been begging me to let him be my slave. I have been searching for my dominant power for some time and not really dears to trust it.

Your writing inspires me. And now I am trying to read all your posts to get more tips on how to shape my man into a good server for my desires.

Do you have any Spesial super tips ?


I do not have any super tips for you until you start his training.

I do believe that each relationship dynamic is different per couple. I only know this from my e-mail conversations here with other women.

The most important thing is for you to know how valuable you are to him. How, if he has in fact shown or communicated to you his desires for you to be in control, or that he wants to serve you, you are at a great starting point recognizing that.

Mine is a great husband now, I am very happy and content with him. I think once you accept your power you will start to know the little things you want yours to do or to know what he needs to do.

I guess if there are any super tips it would be to let him know he will not be allowed to cum unless you allow it. This is a must, then starting immediately as often as you are up to it keeping his face between your legs, making sure he smells you, look at your beauty, making sure you teach him how to bring you to orgasm while down there, and as you get braver have him go lower to pleasure you with his tongue

Nothing for him for a while, that’s the hard part being a good wife but it is something that must be done to get the control you need to have. My husband still every time he is there comes away much meeker and tender for me. I have him there a lot. It’s a power thing for me. I am a rarity in that he drinks me often from there, and I have him do my back door also. It’s your power not his anymore.

These are a few of the things I want him to do, in no particular order except that drinking my pee is for sure at the top. Kiss and suck my feet and toes, put lotion on my legs and feet, using the callous remover on my heals, put on woman’s panties and clean the house while I relax, or any household chores with panties on. One thing I enjoy is he likes to shave me down there inside the lips and down around my holes. This is very relaxing and love it when he pampers me. He likes it womanly as he calls it so he leaves it hairy, he just keeps the slit very clean for his tongue and so there is no hair that gets pulled when I am sitting and turn and then I don’t smell like pee at the end of the day ether . He loves to be down around my womanhood and smell me and my panties, loves to lick me for literally hours and sometimes challenges me to try to go at least and hour with just his tongue. I cant stand it after a while and need my vibrator. He bought it for me a few years ago and it is amazing. For years he just basically licked my clit until i came, but over the years we have adjusted to him laying on his side with me on my back legs open with one leg over his shoulder and he puts a pillow behind and a little under his head with his mouth right at my hole. This position gives me the latitude for his tongue to lick and penetrate ether the front or back depending on my mood. In this position i have complete control of my vibrator all around and on my clit. He knows as I start to cum to dart his tongue deep inside me around my g spot in and out like a cock while I explode on his face. He knows to keep fucking me orally very deep in and out after I cum for a few minutes until it makes me horny again for another orgasm then I start again. This goes on and on for at least half hour or more until I am ready for him to make love to me. Yes I am very multi orgazmic.

So I hope this helps.

What at some of the things he has done to help you see he wants to serve you?

Thanks, D

My Version of Femdom

What is Femdom?

I will try and explain what it is for me. I feel for each of us it means different things! It gets mixed up with FLR a lot, I think they are not the same but could be related for sure. My husband and I are in a strictly Femdom relationship, not a FLR. The difference for us is he still leads the family and household and can do basically anything he wants too. Femdom for us is a sexual thing basically. It is about me and my sexual needs from him, As a femdom wife I control most things at home. It boils down to I have equated house work with sex in his mind. He is constantly driven to satisfy me and my demands. Its been around 7 years now. I am glad he came to me and asked me to take control in the beginning.

We had growing pains but have settled in to our day to day Femdom relationship for several years now.

I will post specifics as time goes by. His duties are driven by his own sexual needs.

Laundry, Ironing, cleaning bathrooms, kitchen and vacuums. He also shops and cooks for us.

His personal duties for me are, oral in both my holes for long periods of time, drinks my pee, shaves legs and vagina. Does my feet and toes. Also does a few things for my friends and sister. He enjoys my strapon inside him or doing household duties with a butt plug inside.


Keeping me shaved for easy access for his tongue